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Our power and motivation:


AmplexDiagnostics GmbH is a private owned and independent applied science company specialised in helping on microbiological issues with fast and professional molecular CE IVD solutions.

Close cooperation with international scientists results in a fruitful European network inspiring our R&D department and optimizing our portfolio. These brand new findings are integral parts of our CE IVD products and so directly provided to all our customers.

The company was founded in Munich in 2002 as a developing and producing facilty. In 2010 the sales and marketing department moved to Gießen. Growing means finding new niches to help optimising routine workflows and working highly customer orientated. Mainstream is not the way we think.


Our products:


With the eazyplex® system Amplex provides the newest sophisticated technology in an easy and userfiendly way. The system is based on isothermal amplifikation (LAMP) and Real-Time-Detection in an intuitive device. The lyophilised and ready to use reagents result in user friendlyness, speed and reliability, which are constituents of our concept. These advantages of our system are appreciated by all our customers, from small hospitals, big university institutes, laboratory consultants to ambulatory health care centers.


Our hyplex StaphyloResist® was the first CE IVD marked MRSA multiplex-PCR test in the world evaluated for direct testing from sample material. On the same platform the first ESBL test was established. And so it is just a chain of reasoning that Amplex is just now one of the first suppliers for CE IVD marked diagnostics based on isothermal amplification, again at the forefront.


Our Team:


People with competences and experiences build our team. Integrating our customers and value them as a team member to develop jointly needs based solutions is our strength. As a team of experts we focus on short ways, clear communication and competent solutions for the diagnostics.


Our Mission:


Being a competent partner of all our customers all over the world and providing them with excellent CE IVD diagnostics for all kind of pathogens causing problems in human health.


Our Vision:


Excellent diagnostics from AmplexDiagnostics GmbH to prevent infections, help patients and save lives all over the world.


Quality Assurance:


AmplexDiagnostics GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485.

For Amplex it is a matter of course to ensure the highest standards in developing, producing and selling CE IVD diagnostics, which is documented by the certificate.




Certificate EN ISO 13485
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